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In 2004 a creepy little doll named Little Miss Carla discovered that when she sang, she could hypnotise people into submissive creepy little dolls like her self that would dance themselves into a frenzy, doing whatever she commanded, spreading her hypnotic power further.

Her desire to control the world was great, so she made enchanting, dark and twisted music to spread across the entire land.


Her plan worked, she could feel her power growing again. They played night and day until one day a rabbid plauge spread across the land, killing most of her creepy little doll army. Her power grew weak once more. This did not deter Little Miss Carla. She knew what had to be done. She had to make music darker and creepier. In just 14 months she created ten mystical sounds that helped erradicated the plauge and her darkness reigned supreme again.


As the years went by Little Miss Carla became lonely and was loosing power. So she decided to find the most twisted and darkest puppet's she could to help her spread her darkness further than before. Chaotic Chris was taken control of first to spread his rhythmic terror. Then came Trevor the Terrible whos rumbling thunderous tone would echo through the world. Then came Master Marios who's distorted destruction would shattered the will of all who stood before him.

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