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Elkapath started as an online solo  project in 2004 by Carla. She then decided to turn the project into a fully fledged band in 2019 and take her songwriting to a new level, changing her electronic sound to a heavier gothic feel. Experimenting with a guitarist first, playing over previously written songs. It was then decided that this was to become the new sound of Elkapath, later seeking bassist and drummer for the line up.



Elkapath are currently working on a new EP to be released in spring followed by a tour 

After a few line up changes the debut album 'Black Spiders' was written and released October 2021, working closely with producer Bob Katsionis 'ex-Firewind' to complete the masterpiece. This was followed by a UK tour promoting the new electro-gothic sound that Elkapath has become.

The band released 2 music videos and a Lyric video, working with Loki films and Dark North Media and enlisting their producers help for one lyric video.

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